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The need and scope of communication has changed, but far from being reduced. Companies live in an "always-on-world" where content is to be filled with informative and communicative material in all channels 24-7. Which makes it both complicated and expensive to outsource everything and more companies have a inhouse agency. By sharing our knowledge, we can help give your company with a communicative edge.

We have many years of experience in methods, models and processes for strategic and creative communication. Based on the expertise of the creative director, project manager, art director, copy and production manager we have put together a unique course adapted for inhouse agencies and marketing units.


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Very few people are as creative as Picasso, but in a good atmosphere and with smart tools everyone can be a creative star.

Helena von Matérn, Creative Director at tomorro’

Choose the course that suits you

We adapt the course structure according to how much time you want to set aside and what content you want to focus on. We offer one, two or three course days, divided into full day or half day.


Examples of content

Idea and concept development
Work methodology
Creative and efficient processes from start-up to results
What’s in the creative process?
The interaction between creative height and financial responsibility
Your mental creative space
Methods for idea and concept development
To give the project good conditions
Methods and models to lean on
How to create a workshop
Tools for selecting ideas
Work methodology and project planning
Overview - A to Z in production
Channels, what is the noise?
Who does what and when? Distribution between different disciplines
Basics of creating a survey
Smart and effective work
Interplay between branding and selling communication
Risk Analysis

We educate the creators of the future

Tomorro's Creative Director has lectured at the University Medieinstitutet in the subject of creative processes